• Ananya Misra

4 Super Easy Hacks to Turn Your Kitchen Waste Into High-Quality Organic Manure

Composting is a great way to recycle waste easily and save money by avoiding expensive online fertilizers and manures. It prevents pollution and makes our world a much cleaner place to stay in.

How to prepare your own compost

Next time that you prepare food in your kitchen, remember to collect the fruit/veggie peels, eggshells, tea leaves, flowers etc that you otherwise would have thrown away. Keep a separate bin or a bucket to dump them into. Preferably keep the bin in a semi-dark place with sufficient air supply. The idea is to let microorganisms do their job converting your kitchen waste into organic high-quality manure. For better aeration, you could drill a couple of holes at the sides of your bucket. Typically it would take you approx. 2-3 months for your kitchen waste to turn into good quality manure.

Organic kitchen trash being composted

Red signals that your compost may be going bad

If your manure starts stinking, it could mean it has gone too wet and rancid. This could be either due to too much moisture or too little aeration. Either case leads to the development of harmful anaerobic bacteria and maggots.

How to keep your compost healthy

To avoid it from getting too soggy, you could add piles of dry carbon-rich content like sawdust, heap of dried leaves or old newspapers to your compost couple of times in a month. You could even burn up old newspapers and add the ash to the compost. Further, you can drill a few holes at the bottom of your bucket to let the excess water drain out. Also do remember to toss your pile around few times in a month with a stick to ensure proper aeration.

Last but not the least, it’s a good idea not to put cooked food, dairy & meat products, fatty or oily stuff in your compost pile as these often end up attracting unwanted pests and wildlife.

How to Know when your manure is ready

When your pile starts turning into dark dirt like crumbly textured mass that’s when you know it’s good to go in your garden.

Finally the Fruits(Rather Veggies) Of Labour!