• Ananya Misra

Top 10 Unusual Gifts for Men

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

We all know how difficult it is to choose a gift for a man.

I mean there’s a hundred different things you can buy for a woman. From jewellery to fresh flowers, you always have plenty of options to choose from and to match your budget. Plus its usually always a fun and exciting activity.

But to buy a gift for a man !! Now that’s a different story altogether!

Firstly, I find it very difficult to decide what to gift them. I mean, other than shirts, perfumes and watches what else can you really give?

What makes it worse is buying a decent perfume or a watch can leave your wallet a little too light!

And its super boring with hardly any variety to choose from.

That's why I sat down this evening to search out some interesting and uncommon items that can make for some cool gifts for the misters!

So spare a minute or two and go through the list below to explore some great ideas. You will notice most of these can turn out to be cool options for gifting women as well!

Beard King

Are you one of those wives or girlfriends who has had enough telling their men not to litter the basin while shaving? Then this is a gift you must buy. For the 2 of you!

A very innovative product that comes with a bib that collects all the hair clippings during a shave. If the amazon ratings are anything to go by, it’s a must-try!

Dr Physio Massager

Who doesn’t love a good body massage? Your man would definitely love this product especially if he suffers from back pain, sore neck and leg pain. This provides deep tissue massage with light vibrations that stimulate blood circulation. A 15-minute session with this can leave one feeling completely refreshed!

Eyeglass Holder

Every man(or woman) who wears glasses knows the pain of misplacing them and then searching for hours!

Gift him this so that he can spend his time in more fruitful endeavours!

Crafted by artisans from India, these eyeglass holders come in different quirky shapes and styles. Light on the pocket yet useful and fun, this can make for a great gift idea!

100 Hikes of A Lifetime

Gift your travel-hungry boyfriend this Nat Geo hardcover that lists down details of some 100 adventurous treks in offbeat locations around the world. Complete with stunning photography from Nat Geo, this could be a collector’s piece for any intrepid traveller.

Once the pandemic clears up, this could even help the two of you plan some pretty amazing trips to last your lifetime!

Beer Freezer

If your boyfriend loves his beer but always complains how it warms up easily after taking out from the fridge, make sure you buy him this.

This comes in a set of 2 plastic pint glass. The plastic walls of the glasses are filled with a special gel that helps keep the contents of the glass chilled for a long time without having to use ice. So it is perfect for drinks like beer.

Just put it in the fridge for 2 hours to freeze the gel and then enjoy chilled beer for as long as you like.

Also, the plastic is BPA free, which means you don’t need to worry about the side effects of drinking from plastic containers.

Harley Davidson Patent Prints

Is your husband a Harley Davidson enthusiast?

If yes, then this could be the next best thing to buying him an actual Harley Davidson.

Any true Harley enthusiast would love this set of 6 vintage prints with premium-grade matte paper.

Made in the 2020s the prints are of bikes made way back in the 1920s thereby giving them the vintage connection.

Eyes Crush Subscription Box

If you subscribe to their quarterly or 6 monthly plan, your man will receive 1 gift hamper every month for 3 months or 6 months depending on your subscription.

Each hamper or box would contain a sunglass of your choice, an eyeglass with complimentary power add on and Bluecut lens along with luxury skincare goods.

Now who doesn’t love getting surprise gifts every month!

Whisky Stones Gift Glasses

This luxury handmade box (with a non-luxurious price!) comes with a set of 2 whisky glasses & 8 granite whisky rocks. The rocks ensure you can cool your drink without it getting diluted by ice.

Be it your dad, husband, brother or boyfriend, any man who loves his liquor would be sure to appreciate this.

Elite Hookey Ring Toss Wall Game

If you have got kids in the household plus a man who loves indoor games, this could be a fun addition to the family games collection. It’s a wooden disk with hooks.

You can hang this up in your living room wall or on your backyard. It comes with a set of rings that you have to throw at the board. You score points if you can hook all your rings up.

Cancer Screening Test

This isn't a typical gift you would think of in the usual course of things. But come to really think of, this can by far, be the best gift you can give the men in your lives (or women as well).

This is a next-generation cancer screening test in India that helps show a person’s genetic predisposition to a wide spectrum of cancers.

Using just a drop of blood, researchers can look at your DNA and biochemical markers to caution you well in advance of any possible cancers you need to be aware of.

This test helps in early detection of cancer as well, thereby ensuring complete recovery in most cases.

Get Ready For The Holidays...

So ladies, what are you waiting for then!

Log on to your laptop and get your credit cards ready!

This festive season you are about to make your men very glad to have you in their lives!