• Ananya Misra

Top 4 Health Tips For Women

The latest trend these days is to hail a woman for her multitasking ability. We fill pages and speeches glorifying women for her supernatural ability to juggle every aspect of her life with equal elan. Social media nowadays are rife with reports of women government officials cutting short their maternity leave and joining work with newborn babies in tow. Ads depicting women climbing the corporate ladder at work while cooking and cleaning for her family at home are run of the mill. While most would say such portrayal of women helps in breaking down the traditional homebound roles that women had found themselves into from ages untold, there’s yet another angle to the whole story. For we women after all are mere humans. No matter how society today would love to put on us the cape of a superwoman, at the end of the day, we remain mere humans just like our male counterparts.

What’s more, in an attempt to live up to society’s never-ending expectation from us, we end up sidelining our own needs. Too much stress and too little personal time end up depleting us mentally and physically. If you are one one of those who find themselves crushed under the juggernaut of life, please read on and take heed before its too late.

Get Screened Regularly For Cancers:

Breast & Cervical cancers are some of the most common forms of cancers in women and according to WHO every year approx. a million women worldwide succumb to these. But the good news is, if detected early, there’s a good chance of making a complete recovery.

Every woman above 30 years should regularly do manual checks for lumps in their breasts. If detected early, the chances of a complete cure remain very high. Women above 40 should consider going on for yearly mammograms.

The most common cause of Cervical cancer is a chronic infection with the Human Papilloma Virus. Women usually contract it through intimate sexual encounters with an HPV infected person. Women who are obese, have weakened immune system or are heavy smokers are especially at risk of getting this cancer. As a prevention mechanism, the American Cancer Society recommends routine HPV vaccinations for children as young as 9 years old.

The ideal age of getting the vaccine is until 26 years old. Beyond this, the efficacy of the vaccine might start diminishing. Along with vaccination, the other thing to do to protect yourself is to go for regular periodic PAP smears and HPV tests every 3-5 years if you are over the age of 25. These tests help by identifying precancerous cells or the first indication of possible cancer in the future. Getting rid of these potentially lethal cells at the right time can mean the difference between life and death for millions of women all over.

So make sure you pay attention to your body for possible warning signs. Remember the key to fighting cancer is to detect it early enough

Use protection while having sex:

Sex is a pleasure that has been traditionally denied to women, especially in Asian societies, on the pretext of morality and chastity. Modern society has however become more tolerant of sexual freedom of women. Practising safe sex is extremely important. Using condoms can not only keep unwanted pregnancies at bay, but it can also help protect women from sexually transmitted infections like HIV, HPV, Syphillis, gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Manage Stress and mental health:

Women today everywhere are stressed out to their core. At office, at home, at parties—women are expected to be perfect everywhere. They are always expected to be an ideal version of every role they play.

This leads no doubt to tremendous mental stress and anxiety which in turn leads to depression, breakdown and a plethora of other psychological issues. Here are a few pointers on how to take the lid off the pressure cooker and let the steam out from time to time!

  • Build yourself a close circle of people you trust. It could be your family, someone from work or a couple of old school friends. Social support can be a great stress buster. Given the current pandemic situation, meeting up may not be the wisest choice. However, you can always go for group video calls or long phone calls.

  • Go out on that long drive you have been meaning to for ages, take a vacation with your spouse or partner and leave the kids to the nannies or at their grandparents, binge on Netflix without guilt or simply take a day off from work and sit at home doing nothing!

  • Make it a point to take some time out for yourself every week. Use that time to develop a hobby. Grow some veggies in your balcony, learn a new language in Babble, read books, write a blog post or learn to play the piano. Bottomline do something which is enjoyable for you, which helps you connect to yourself.

Knowing how to pause from time to time gives our body and mind some much needed time to adjust and reset from the daily hustle and bustle. Remember its important to put yourself first occasionally, in fact, it is extremely important. Also, remember its completely ok to not deliver your 100% every single time. Life should not be about chasing goals and fulfilling obligations, life should be about experiences and the lessons you learn from them.


Last but definitely not the list is physical exercise. While this may immediately conjure up visions of gym and yoga classes to many, in reality, exercise could be as simple as a daily 15-minute brisk walk on your terrace. Most of us, despite the best of our efforts, find it tough to take out time and attend gym classes regularly. However, taking out 15-20 minutes a day for a light jogging /running or walking usually is pretty easy provided you are determined enough. Swimming and cycling are equally healthy habits that you could pursue if you have the opportunity to.

The ways in which these activities can help us is startling. Apart from weight & fat loss, they are incredibly effective in cutting down the risk of several cancers, keeping your heart and lungs healthy, increasing your immunity, strengthening bones and keeping you fit mentally.

So if you are a woman reading this, before you set out to live up to society’s expectation, make very sure you live up to your body’s expectations first. Your health should be your No 1 priority. The rest of the world can wait!