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Top 8 Content Writing Sites for Beginners

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

COVID 19 has changed the lives of millions across the globe in unprecedented ways. Unemployment is at an all time high across the world. While many have lost their loved ones, others have been fired from their jobs, several businesses have gone bankrupt. The companies that have managed to stay afloat are primarily the ones that have gone completely online.

One thing is very clear from all this. And that is the concept of doing office work may undergo massive permanent change. Online freelancing gigs, especially, content writing and digital marketing are among the handful of sectors that have not just survived, but thrived in these uncertain times. COVID has had a remarkable positive impact in such sectors.

So if you have decent writing skills, now is the right time to try out your luck in this industry.

But with no published works under your belt and no existing client network, how exactly do you start? Where do you find entry level gigs from?

Worry not as I have compiled a list of some of the best content writing sites that can help you get good projects. Most of these sites also offer a plethora of resources to help budding writers sharpen their skills.


This is arguably one of the best content writing sites out there. Currently they have a network of some 114K writers with over 50K job postings

To apply to be a writer, you need to take a test. If accepted, you would start off, most likely, being a Standard Writer. They have 4 Tiers of writers starting from Standard to Elite Plus. You climb up the rungs basis your writing skills. Obviously you get to charge more if you are on a higher tier.

One nice thing about these guys is that they show you tier specific sample write ups in their website. So its easier for you to gauge what level of writing insert link they would expect from you depending on your Tier. They also display their top rated writers on their website home page, making it easier for a talented writer to get recognition.

However at the time of writing this article, the site has not been accepting any writer applications. But this is definitely a site worth bookmarking. Revisit in a few weeks to find out if they have started accepting.


Set up in 1998 and based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Noida, India, this is undoubtedly one of the oldest yet largest freelance job portals available. They have a current network of more than 1.76 million freelancers offering over 4 million online services. In the category of writing alone, they have close to 400K current jobs available with a mind-boggling variety of work to choose from

The best part is you don’t need to shell out a single rupee to lodge your profile here. Its completely free. However because of the popularity of this place, expect to get a lot of competition as well.


I know some established freelance writers who simply loves this site. For many of them started out with most of their professional work through this site. You can find loads of relevant work from here.


Next on the list is this massive repository of carefully handpicked freelance jobs plus super helpful materials to coach you for success. The unique thing here is they categorize their jobs basis level of expertise & job duration. So whether you are a beginner or a pro, whether you are looking for long term jobs or hourly gigs, there are filters for each type.

You can get a subscription for as low as $2 for the first month by clicking here.

Flex jobs

This is a useful place to scour for all kinds of freelance jobs. They have a current listing of over 30K jobs across 5900 companies from around the world. They have listed all their jobs industry wise alphabetically ranging from wildlife jobs to Insurance to Writing<insert link) . If you click the dropdown next to Writing, you will get a host of options like Blogging, Copywriting,Technical Writing and others to choose from. Click on the relevant option to get a list of available jobs in that area. In order to apply for a job, you need to register to Flex Jobs. Plans start as low as $30 for 3 months which is around 2.2K INR.


Next up is one of the biggest freelance marketplace out there. You will find tons of different kinds of writing work here. Get jobs in blog writing, proof reading, translation, ebook writing, technical content writing, making ad copies, resume writing and more under the same roof.

To start out however, you need to create a profile here with your photo, a brief introduction about your relevant experience and what kind of work you do and your rates. As you keep writing for clients, you can keep putting up your work in your profile under the Gigs section. There’s a testimonial section as well in the profile, where clients describe their experience working with you. They also get to rate you.

More work you do and more clients you please, the more your profile goes up in rating. Which means you can hike up your fees even more.

All Freelance Writing

This site provides you a variety of freelance jobs and plenty of materials to hone your writing skills.

Head over to the Writer’s Directory and post your profile there. They will charge $24.95 (approx. 1.8K INR) as a one time fee to get listed here. The starting rates you can charge here begin from $50 (approx. 3.7K INR) per post/hour or per page. Quite a lucrative deal when you translate that to Indian Rupees!


If you are a beginner, I am sure you would love to check this out. Apart from providing plenty of meaningful opportunities and handsome money, Publoft also does handholding for the beginners!

Apply to their Writer Application Page. If they accept, you get to be a part of the Publoft Writer Network and start receiving client notifications. You can then select whichever client you want to work for.

Payments are between 75-250$ per post based on quality of work and made through Paypal.

Most of the clients are involved in technology . In that you can choose your favourite topics and start writing. You will be expected to deliver well researched, creative articles with a distinct style of your own.

If you feel you need some guidance on your writing style, head over to their sister site to get all the resources needed to sharpen your skills.

That's All For Now...

I will keep scouring the net for even better options and keep you updated. But till then, don't wait!

Make yourself a cup of steaming hot masala chai, fire up your laptop (assuming you read this article on your mobile) and start applying to these sites.

If you found this article useful, won't you let me know in the comments below? You can drop your website link as well for me to visit.

Happy Writing !