• Ananya Misra

When Is The Right Time To Quit Your Job

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

A lot of us out there are frustrated with our jobs, our bosses and our work. Time and again we have thought of giving it all up. We may have fought with our bosses, vented our anger on our colleagues and drafted long resignation emails in our outlook. But how many of us have really taken the ultimate step to quit? Undoubtedly very few. So does that mean we must invariably slog through our dead-end hopeless jobs with no motivation? Is it worth living a life like that? How long can you carry on like this without burning out?

These are some of the questions you might be asking yourself if you are unhappy at work. I know, because I have been there as well sometime in the past. I know precisely how difficult this decision to quit is and what the repercussions are. But despite all that, there comes a time when we must take a stand. Read on to find out the top 4 questions you should ask yourself before you make the jump.

1. Are you working in a demanding sector?

This is very important to determine how easy it would be to get a 2nd job if you quit your current one. You can be the best person to answer this question.

If you are in IT, sales, marketing or journalism, I am guessing you would have quite a big pool of options to hop, skip and jump to. But let's say your work entails underwriting Australian property loans sitting here in India. While you could easily get a job with another Australian lender in Australia, there's hardly any similar jobs here in India. So if you want to remain in India, then this would be the classic definition of a niche sector.

So figure that out first for yourself. If its demanding, go on take the plunge. Else beware!

2.How many years of work experience do you have?

If you are someone with 3-4 years of total work experience, getting another job after a hiatus may not prove very difficult. Typically interviewers don’t mind hiring for fresher or junior level roles despite career gaps. However, if you are a seasoned mid-level or senior-level professional with more than 7 years of experience, it becomes considerably difficult to get another job after quitting your current one.

Questions like, why did leave your last job or why do you have a gap year keep haunting you in endless loops. Corporate management, I feel, is an entity, largely bereft of imagination or spontaneity. Atleast in most cases. They love to slot people into predetermined categories. Having a gap in your resume is an unforgivable sin. Quitting a job just because you don't like it, is unfortunately, a concept that an average interviewer still finds hard to digest.

I strongly detest this myopic view. But more on that on some other post.

For now, my suggestion to you would be to take the ultimate decision basis your level of seniority and work experience.

3. Do you have a side hustle?

This is possibly the most important question. Do you have a secondary source of income, apart from your full-time job? Some may have properties they rent out, some may have a blogging site they earn money from, some may be part-time content writers while some may be affiliate marketers. If you do have a side income, ask yourself how much money do you generate from it currently? Would it cover your basic monthly expenses for the first few months of leaving your job? Do you see potential in the business, are you able to grow it if you spend more time?

If your answer is yes to the above questions, this may just be the right time to take the leap of faith and start your journey to being a fulltime entrepreneur.

However if your side business is not generating much money or you are unsure of your capability to continue to grow the business, grit your teeth and carry on with your current job for a few more days until at least you get a better job offer somewhere else

4. Do You Have Alternate Options

Ok. So you are in pretty hot water right now.

You cannot bear to face another gruelling day at the office. Sadly neither do you have any concrete side hustles yet.

So you ask yourself. 'Is there absolutely anything I can do ?'

Well, if you are an Indian woman, you always have the option of getting your parents to hitch you with a rich, NRI settled boy! If you are a man though, it might be a tad bit more difficult, especially if you want an Indian bride who is settled abroad! My advice for those men would be to join Tinder or Bumble or whichever dating app they want and change the location preference to international ;) Let destiny do the rest!

Now for those of my readers who found the above suggestion to be ridiculously humiliating, there are a couple more things you could try on your own.

For instance, do you feel this is the right time to do a career-enhancing course or get a degree certification? You can study up on the various good courses available in India and internationally. If you feel it would add value to your career then go for it. You could take a study loan or get a scholarship.

Taking an international classroom course is a good way of getting settled abroad and changing your life. Also, you will find various scholarship options and part-time jobs to fund your studies while working.

One other option that comes to mind is immigration. This wouldn't be easy to start with. Consider this only if you think you can scrape together a minimum of 20-30 lakhs in your bank account. Plus prepare yourself to work all kind of odd jobs for the first few months abroad. I have seen quite a few of my colleagues and friends settling abroad. While the initial phase would be usually always difficult, you will eventually end up getting a decent job and a good lifestyle.


I suggest you write down the answers to these questions in your diary or type it out in your notepad and then read through it. I am sure once you do this little exercise, you will get your answers automatically. While the act of sending in the resignation letter to your boss can be done in a matter of minutes, the repercussions of the activity can go on to haunt you for months and years, if you are not prepared well enough.

On the contrary, if you have an alternate source of side income or are confident of getting the next job, go for it! There’s nothing worse than stagnating in a bad job role under an inefficient boss. This may just be the best decision of your lifetime.